why I am skeptical of claims on both sides of the heavenly witnesses authenticity

Steven Avery

The defenders made some doozies over the years,

The Drexler double-count of manuscripts by the DBS
Stephanus thought to have 15 manuscripts supporting the verse. (even John Gill

Overstating Montfortianus

Martin and Travis had some unique blunders.
Travis claimed 31 of 81 have the verse.


Contras kept saying he Vulgate Prologue was late.

Grantley McDonald makes many blunders in his paper and book

Porson argued with drunken trickery.

They still claim that Cyprian was quoting verse 8.

And much more.


Now we have situations where manuscripts are at issue.

Cyril of Alexandria,

there may be a question in Augustine De Trinitate

To be continued.