ECW summary of apparatus, Burgon and Berend de Boer

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summary of apparatus, Burgon and Berend de Boer

Critical Text sources



Is NA27 online?

check majuscule trickery

total count of Greek mss.

Bengel Mill ?



Church Fathers Scripture List timothy 3:16


apparatus trickery

Berend de Boer

Graham Thomason
wonderful and index of reference sources

Stephen W. Frary

Pure Bible Forum

PBF - Brian Winter


John Pearson

Isaac Newton
omission list
287 begins more
Answers to Newton - probably Berriman first

John Berriman - 1741

Johann Casper Veithusen - 1773

Griesbach - c. 1785

Christian Observer 1809

Robert Gray 1822 - contra Unitarian

Ebenezer Henderson - 1830

Moses Stuart is with Henderson - fully?

Edward Burton - 1837

John Scott Porter - 1848

Tregelles - 1854

William Ward Hayes - 1865

Tichendorf - see apparatus page
Tischendorf apparatus

1875 Six Lectures - 1875
Plain Introduction - 1894

Metzger see apparatus page
Scion of Zion - Ken Matto
Wilbur Pickering

Peter Streitenberger

Maurice Robinson

Sam Shamoun


Quotes on Burgon, Pickering

Mark Heuer

Gordon Fee

hermenetics stack exchange cjab


Epiphanius Salamis problem in apparatus

Bruce Terry
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θεὸς] Apollinaris Diodore Gregory-Nyssa Didymus-dub Chrysostom Ps-Dionysius Euthalius Theodoret

ὃς] ‭ Origenlat Didymus Epiphanius Jerome Theodorelat Eutherius-according to Theodoret Cyril Cyril-according to Ps-Oecumenius Liberatus

These next are mostly Latin except - Severian who is Syriac and Greek writing and has more unfound = check others especially Theodous-Ancyra - Marius might be Gaius Marius Victorinus but there is a Victorinus - Council of Carthage? historically important

ὃ] Ambrosiaster Victorinus-Rome Hilary Severian Pelagius Augustine Theodotus-Ancyra Marius Mercator Quodvultdeus Varimadum

ὃς or ὃ] Ephraem?

Church Fathers Scripture Index timothy 3:16



( Harkleian ) Ignatius Barnabas Hippolytus Theodoret Thaumaturgus Apostolic Constitutions - Basil - Dionysius of Alexandria - Didymus - Gregory Nazianzen - Diodorus - Gregory Nyssa - Chrysostom - Euthalius - Cyril of Alexandria - Theodoret FULL - Macedonius - Georgian ** - Severus - Harkleian - John Damascus - Epiphanius - Theodors Studita - Codex K L P - Slavonic - Ancient Scholia - Oecumenius ** - Theophylact - Euthymius - Codex C - Andreas

Graham Thomason


Clement of Rome - good allusion

Epistle of Barnabas
Justin Martyr
Mathetes - AD 150
Apollinaris - LaParola

Ignatius - Burgon 3 allusions,
Berend gives Ephesians chapter 7 and 19
There is one Physician who is possessed both of flesh and spirit; both made and not made; God existing in flesh ... God Himself being manifested in human form for the renewal of eternal life

Clement of Alexandria

Dionysius of Alexandria - Berend to Paul of Samasota, good quote, complicated - LaParola says Ps-Dionysius yes

Cyprian - ?

Lactantius (c. 250 – c. 325) - add is he in Burgon?
Therefore he came as Mediator, 1 that is, God iti the flesh.” <


Apostolic Constitutions

Basil of Caesarea

Didymus the Blind or Alexandria (c. 309/314 - 398) Berend good ref - LaParola says Didymus-dub

Diodorus of Taurus - 392 - Berend excellent - LaParola has Diodore earlier

Gregory of Nazianzus - (c 325 - 389) Burgon 2x Berend goes to Graham Thomason

Gregory of Nyssa (c 335 – probably 395) -
** Burgon says 22 = Berend gives 3 of the quotes - LaParola yes

Gregory Thaumaturgus - quoted by Photius

Chrysostom (c. 347 - 407) Berend lists 2, maybe one more? - LaParola says yes


Unknown author (430) Berend
John Burgon mentions this reference as an unknown author of the age of Nestorius. As reference he gives the unclear Apud Athanasium, Opp. ii. 33. I think he refers to volume 28 of Patrologia Graeca where, in the “dubia” section, there is a letter called De incarnatione dei verbi, not to be confused with a book of the same name by Athanasius of Alexandria. Check where footnote 3 is used and the full text of 1 Timothy 3:16 is readily found.

Unknown author, 5th century Berend
John Burgon mentions also a citation by an unknown writer who has been mistaken for Athanasius. As reference he gives Ap. Athanas. i. 706.
We can find this in volume 28 of the Patrologia Graeca in the Spuria section with title “Sermones contra diversas haereses”. If you download the PDF, it is page . Or check the online version, column 1345. Check where footnote 49 is used (in the Latin column, and find “manifestatus est in carne”) and then the reference is readily found on the right hand, a little bit above the Latin translation.

Euthalius (5th century) - Berend - LaParola says yes
- Eustathius

Severian of Gabala - one which, another 2 to be found

Theodoret of Cyrus (c. 393 – c. 460) - Burgon says 4x - Berend one full verse quote - LaParola says yes

Jerome - Pelagius Scholiast
Hilary of Poitiers - Latin

Macarius of Jerusalem
Theodore of Mopseustia
John Cassian

Cyril of Alexandria (c. 376 - 444) Berend finds one

Theodoret of Cyrus (c. 393 – c. 460) Burgon says 4x Berend gives one superb

Galasius of Cyzicus
Severus of Antioch
unknown authors
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