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This grew out of the central one:

Zosimas studies

ADDED - A good Greek facsimile of Alexandrinus will make its use much easier than the Alex pics.
What did Rohan use yesterday, yes, the OT pics were available, with difficulty?


We have seen e.g. that Song of Songs has features that could easily be Alexandrinus --> Sinaiticus.

However, they are not in Zosima ..

e.g. the speaking titles and columns and number of letters are all very close.


We know there are later editions that are facsimiles, especially

Codex Alexandrinus

Codex Alexandrinus
Maunde Thompson - NT and Clementine Epistles

v. 1. Genesis-2 Chronicles, 1881
v. 2. Hosea-4 Maccabees, 1883
v. 3. Psalms-Ecclesiasticus, 1883
v. [4]. New Testament and Clementine epistles, 1879.

Cowper has an 1860 edition of Woide


Now let's focus on what is available in 1840, in addition to Zosimas.

Grabe 1707-1720

Breitinger - 1730

Woide 1799 - only the NT

This next gives some info on Grabe and Lee and Wigan and Breitinger editions.

...For Grabe’s edition see T. Darlow, Catalogue II, 2, no. 4733. J. E. Grabe edited vols. 1 (1707) and 4 (1709), F. Lee vol. 2 (1719) and W. Wigan vol. 3 (1720). In actual fact they did not use the original edition but the reprint published by Johann Jakob Breitinger (1701 -1767) at Zurich in 1730-1732, see below note 499. For the edition see T. Darlow, Catalogue II, 2, no. 4740.

The Interpretation of the Bible: The International Symposium in Slovenia (1999)
edited by Joze Krasovec
Francis J. Thomson ( 032653734 )
The Slavonic Translation of the Old Testament

More info needed.
The following are other LXX editions, but not really Alexandrinus based.

other 1700s editions.jpg
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Breitinger edition - 4th volume, probably NT, is online, this can at least tell us if the formatting is following Alexandrinus

Hē Palaia Diathēke Kata Tus Ebdomēkonta: 4 (1730)

So far, this is the only online one from the 1707-1730 Grabe editions.

first page with Greek text - hope to be compared to Alexandrinus

Psalms ends on p. 137
Job p. 138 -195
p. 196

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manuscript photo gallery


Codex Alexandrinus

First page with Greek text.
"the whiteness of the Codex Alexandrinus" - Jean Marie Stone (1905)

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