the wide variation of the British Library colour numbers - Leipzig off-white and consistent

Steven Avery


Leipzig University Library

Code Pages
S1005-Y20R 86
British Library

Code Pages
S1005-Y20R - 233
S1010-Y - .... 98
S1010-Y10R - 295
S1510-Y20R - 44
S1515-Y10R - 3
S2010-Y - .. 2
S2010-Y10R - 12
S2010-Y20R - 2
Not only are the British Library pages given wide visual range, it is much more difficult to assign a number because of the regional colouration on the pages, connected with the stains and streakiness.

It is funny that the textual colour experts consider the visual numbers so highly. Apparently they rarely have to deal with artificially stained manuscripts, which will have this high variation within one page. They have instead naturally yellowed pages, which will be fairly even, except for the edges.

Kevin McGrane and others ignore this wide variation in discussing the Leipzig and British Library difference.

Kevin McGrane
Using this standard, the colour of the British Library leaves is typically S1010-Y10R, and that of the Leipzig leaves is S1005-Y20R, as shown below. However, there is some variation in colour within the hundreds of leaves at the British Library, and some of the leaves have been measured as colour S1005-Y20R, i.e. identical in colour to the leaves at Leipzig.
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