the simplicity of the real issues

Steven Avery

the simplicity of the real issues - the complexity of the pseudo-issues and non-issues

In all the fractious debate about the Tetragram, the basics are often obscured.

1) the name Jehovah comes directly from how the word is written in the Masoretic Text. This is supported by various elements that show that it is not qere-ketiv, and also traditional Hebraics such as the many Jewish writers who have accepted Jehovah as accurate and Maimonides saying "as it is written" is helpful as well.

2) yahweh is simply one of a number of guess names when (1) is wrongly rejected. And it has no real Hebraic support whatsoever. In addition it was pushed by those who thought that the Hebrews had simply co-opted neighboring paganisms and were not given direct revelation in the Hebrew Bible.

3) the pattern of theophoric names is 100% consistent and clear, and totally supports Jehovah. See the separate thread with the charts of theophoric names.

4) the great age of Christian Hebraism led up to the Reformation Bible editions, like the Geneva and AV in English, and similar Bibles in Dutch, Spanish and many other languages (see sections on this forum about the Reformation Bible). These men had the direction, anointing and faith to give us our pure Bible. There we have Iehovah and Jehovah.

5) yahweh is the direct, perverse, paganism. It is the demonic enemy of the Hebrew faith. How can it simultaneously be the name of the Father?

Thus, there really is no issue at all. Proponents of any alternate names have a very high bar to jump over to even be given serious consideration. And instead they have stumbled going below the bar.
Please note also in the Homestead Heritage section:

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Two other points are exceedingly simple. Yahshua was an artificial creation, error begets error.

6) yahshua was fabricated to be a cohort of connivance with yahweh in the 1930s by the Sacred Name movement

7) yahshua is not a name in Hebrew or Aramaic, there is not even a scholarship question

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