the Jehovah and "yahweh" issue is actually very simple to understand

Steven Avery

Here is where I will plan to put in a short summary.



The Hebrew Bible says "Jehovah" (or Yehovah in modern Hebrew) as the verbal representation of the Tetragram. The vowels are there and this is how the word is pronounced. And this is the historic 3-syllable name.

The name of Jehovah matches up with theophoric names used throughout the New Testament. Any "yah..." alternative is a dismal failure. This alone refutes the nattering nabobs of yahwehism.

There have been attempts to say that the Hebrew Bible is wrong, that the vowels are wrong and we have to guess at the right vowels and number of syllables.

These attempts are generally based on liberal and unbelieving paradigms that looks to the Hebrew as simply being derivative from paganisms.

Thus, there is no Hebrew name yahweh, no Hebrew name yahshua. They are faux attempts.

yahweh, in fact, is the name of the demon Jove (pronounced the same.) Jove-pater is Jupiter in Latin and Jupiter is connected to the abomination of desolation and the paganisms of Acts 14.

thus Jupiter is father yahweh.

If you think this matching up of yahweh and the demon chief honcho paganism Jupiter is just a mere coincidence (rather than a spiritual principality, wickedness in high places) then you probably are in the Buy a Bridge of the Month Club.

Nehemia Gordon, who is very skilled in Hebrew, and checked with top Latin professors summed it up very succinctly:

Have you been praying to Jupiter?
"The greatest trick Jupiter ever pulled was convincing the world he isn't worshiped."

Even back in 1917, an astute Baptist writer, Henry Clay Mabie, referred to:

"the imagined pagan Yahweh of the destructive critics"

Thus, Christians should never use the word yahweh with veneration. The further away the better, I even suggest the circumlocutions (oy-vey and no-way.)

yahshua is a nothing mangling that was only created, error begets error, in the 1930s by know-nothings to match the yahweh blunder. This one does not even have a smidgen of liberal scholarship support.

If you desire a linguistic sense of .. "I have come in my Father's name" .. this can be seen in Jehovah and Jehoshua (Jesus) .. it cannot be seen by using a pagan word and a fabricated counterfeit.

Jehovah and LORD are the common pure Bible representations of the Tetragram.


Granted, there is plenty of technical and historical filler. And it is fascinating.

These above are the basics that Bible believers can work with in full confidence that they are honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.

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