the Ammonian sections - general information (also Eusebian, Euthalian, Andreas)

Steven Avery

Ammonius of Alexandria (Christian philosopher)
Ammonius developed the forerunner of modern gospel harmony as the Ammonian Sections in which he started with the text of Matthew and copied along parallel events. However there are no extant copies of the harmony of Ammonius and it is only known from a single reference in the letter of Eusebius to Carpianus.

Robert Waltzman
The Ammonian Sections and Eusebian Canon Tables

Historical Note: Some have suspected that the Ammonian Sections did not exist prior to Eusebius's work. In support they urge the fact that the first manuscript to contain either (Alexandrinus) has both. (The numbers are also found in Sinaiticus, but from a later hand....)
The Euthalian Apparatus
Andreas's Divisions

Michaelis (1823)

Granville Penn (1837)

Codex Alexandrinus NT (1860)
by Woide (1725-1790)
Introduction by Benjamin Harris Cowper
To this opinion assent is perhaps now commonly given; thus Dr. Tregelles in the work already quoted says that it was probably written after the introduction of the Ammonian sections and Eusebian canons, and before the general use of the Euthalian and other divisions of the Epistles; he also regards the additions of the Clementine Epistles as significative century on palaeographic grounds, and ascribes it to perhaps middle of the century or a little later.of a considerable antiquity. He thinks it probably of the fifth
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