summary of the Hebrew verity demonstrating Jehovah

Steven Avery

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Steven Avery
Summary of the Hebrew verity demonstrating Jehovah.

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A body of corroborating evidences has really worked together to seal Yehovah ( == Jehovah) as correct and show the problems with "Yahweh". It is no longer "scholar's guess". And I will give the short form of those evidences.

1) Theophoric names - beginning with Yeho- . eg.

Yeho-achaz, Yeho-ash, Yeho-zabad, Yeho-hanan, Yeho-iada, Yeho-iachin, Yeho-iakim, Yeho-iarib, Yeho-nadab, Yeho-nathan, Yeho-seph, Yeho-zadak Yeho-ram, Yeho-shaphat

These have long been virtual proof. Those against Yehovah have to argue against dozens of names in the Masoretic Text that are a perfect fit. And claim that they all accidentally went through the exact same morphological morphing, one which does not fit the evidence, the facts on the ground, and there are no early Greek forms showing a proposed change. Or these names were part of a giant conspiracy (to hide *Yahweh), and idea that has no support whatsoever. Here Nehemia has joined many other scholars (Drach, Gertoux since the 1800s were especially good, even the Gesenius-Tregelles edition acknowledged that this is a powerful argument.)

2) Masoretic Text mss - Nehemia has added a lot more to this element, showing how the best explanation of the Masoretic text mss is that sheva-cholam-kametz are the three vowels - Yehovah - this is augmented by studies of prayer books and other auxiliary material.

3) Falsifying the theory that the Jews had lost the name, that is key to the Yahweh reconstruction. This was done by new studies of rabbinical writings from about 800 to 1900 AD. With that theory falsified, we can find the actual name. Kudos here to Nehemia for finding the quotes.

4) Showing that the Jews had retained not only knowledge of the name in the background but that numerous writers declare, albeit often privately or in a veiled manner, that the specific three vowels are sheva-cholem-kametz, Yehovah. This is done through numerous excellent citations that the scholars had largely overlooked. Again, Nehemia, working with the new computer databases, did the ground-breaking work.

5) Showing that grammatically & *Yahweh is a speculative form, one that never appears in Hebraic sources, not manuscripts, printed editions, or commentary. The same afaik is true for *Yahuah or *Yahuaha or any other speculative forms. Here, Nehemia has helped support earlier writers by clarifying points. Yehovah with three syllables is a good fit for the Hebrew linguistics.

6) Studies showing that Yahweh not only is a corruption, but saying that name in English is == to Jupiter, the pagan entity ( jove-pater, where jove is pronounced yahweh)

7) The Preservational Imperative -
The simple fact that Yehovah defenders have a true and pure Bible text, for Yehovah and dozens of names, while the alternatives simply have a guess text, where no verse can really be accepted. As the Masoretic vowels for dozens of theophoric names are attacked. If those names are all wrong, any word can be wrong, thus believers in the Bible text, Christian or Karaite or whatever, will reject those corruption theories offered by Yahweh and Yahuah and other speculative forms. The Reformation Bible scholars were superb Christian Hebraists, so they strongly embraced the Yehovah form (the vowels were shown on the AV-1611 title page pic of the tetragram.)

8) Putting all these together in one group of exposition for Yehovah and answering the wild grab bag of questions that comes forth.

9) Scholars had largely ignored the Hebrew (!) and developed arcane theories based on whatever convoluted arguments were available from the confusing and wild Greek transcriptions, the possibility of arcane cognates from pagan lands, and the price of beans of China. Unbelieving and liberal scholars had pushed the Yahweh form, and the potential pagan connections was one reason they gave, as they essentially believe the Hebrews were simply warmed-over pagans who co-opted pagan deities.

The return to the Hebrew verity has sealed Yehovah as correct.


So the game has, in fact, changed. Nobody can say it is just scholar's guess anymore. The Hebrew declares .. Yehovah.
Nehemia Gordon has contributed some major points to the new situation. You can disagree with him on 100 other points, on this one regarding the tetragram, his position is rock-solid. It really is not hard to see that the debate is over, the question is whether Bible believers can dump their fascination with corruption forms. Remember, if the Jupiter connection pointed out in (6) is correct, then there would be spiritual principalities attached to that form that will fight against common sense and logic. This is something I have experienced in sharing this simple truth of Yehovah. (Jehovah).


Steven Avery