Sinaiticus Jeremiah - light page from 1844 Leipzig next to the 'yellow with age' 1859 British Library page

Steven Avery

Pictures are from the Codex Sinaiticus Project (CSP) and the SART team put them together as unified pictures to see the contrast from Leipzig 1844 and British Library 1859.

On this forum (CARM) the other day, we showed the 1859 British Library page and received a lot of humorous response.
(Better to discuss on a dedicated thread, with the closeup pictures.)

We also showed that the Elijah Hixson concern in a paper about the color charts ended up as a big nothing.
We showed his gray charts next to the pictures and it was clear that the chart difference element was very small.

When Tischendorf stole five intact quires (5x8) and three leaves as a part of a sixth (43 leaves total) one of these two pages in Jeremiah went to Leipzig in 1844, before the colouring. The other page, right next to it in the manuscript, was coloured before it went to St. Petersburg in 1859. You can see the sloppy staining that was done on the 1859 page.


What went to

Quire 35
(8 leaves)
1 Chronicles - includes duplicate pages
2 Esdras and three crosses note

Quire 36 (8 leaves)
2 Esdras (colophon at end)

Quire 37 (3 leaves)
Esther (with colophon at end)
Tobit begins

(Tischendorf stops right at the Esther colophon spot! Clever.
Or he adds in the colophon where he stopped.)

This area above was 19 leaves.

Then Tischendorf jumped over to Jeremiah for 3 intact quires, 24 more leaves, 43 total, as intact quires are relatively easy to extract.

** Right here are where we have the two pages below. **

On the left:
Last page of Quire 46, went to St. Petersburg 1859 to the British Library colored
On the right:
Followed by first page of Quire 47, Leipzig 1844


Quire 47
(8 leaves)
All from Jeremiah - starting at 10:25

Quire 48 (8 leaves)
All from Jeremiah - starting at 27:9

Quire 49 (8 leaves)
Finishes Jeremiah at 52:34 and begins Lamentations 1:1 to 2:20

All carefully chosen!

The idea that these intact quires were just random pages in a basket is one of the humorous elements of the Tischendorf con.

Total 43 leaves


Looking at two pages!

British Library
Jeremiah, 9:20 - 10:25 library: BL folio: 73b scribe: B1

Leipzig University Library -
Jeremiah, 10:25 - 11:23 library: LUL folio: xx scribe: B1, overwriting by corrector d


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