Simonides acknowledes palaeographic training - useful for replicas and forgeries (like Sinaiticus)

Steven Avery

The Christian remembrancer - Volume 45 1863
Imperial Edition of the Codex Sinaiticus

"I was taught the means of knowing the ancient MSS. of every period and of every nation, their changes from time, also the knowledge of the skins, and the chemical preparation of the different writing-inks, and the effects of the atmospheric changes of the different climates of the world. Further, I acquired the knowledge of the preparation of the skins of every city of the ancient nations, and such other information as is requisite with regard to the indisputable evidence both of the spuriousness and genuineness of MSS. of every kind; which information, it is to be regretted, is not possessed; by any of the archaeologists and palaeographers of our day, as I was sufficiently assured by many circumstances, first and last, and more especially lately, when the pseudo-Sinaitic Codex appeared."
The training for identifying is the training for producing.