Robert Holmes & James Parsons edition - LXX verses of note

Steven Avery

Charles Short translation of Tischendorf

Zechariah 9:10 Genesis 49:5 - Judges 9:23 Joshua 2:19 Deuteronomy 14:17 Nehemiah 10:80 Job 9:4 Jonas 4:2 Sirach 5:3 -
Collations of very many MSS. were made at great expense for the
edition of Holmes, the first volume of which was published at Oxford
in 1798 by Holmes, the second, third, fourth and fifth also at Oxford
in 1810-27 by Parsons. These collations, as they nppenr in this
work, all differ widely in respect to fidelity and exactness, and in the
case even of the main authorities were made so carelessly and so in-
correctly that again and again have we reason to lament that such an
amount of money, furnished throughout England with singtdar gene-
rosity,1 should have been of little benefit to the cause of sacred criti-
cism. As this fact is nlready well known to discerning scholars, I
shall prove it by only a few examples.
He pursued a very wrong course in using only the edition of Grabe
to exhibit the text of the Alex. MS., which is an extremely impor-
tant authority. For what, I pray, could be easier for an Oxford
editor than to follow the MS. itself, which is accessible in London ?
And he not only contented himself with what Grabe published (on
which see below), but did not even examine Grabe with care, who
laboriously explains in his Prolegomena concerning many readings
by no means to be passed over in a critical work, but not appearing