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With the special current interest in discussing the Sinaiticus issues, some have asked where to find my research. And the best discussion points.
(Also on this thread, I can give a little history of how these issues got on the front burner.. This section is planned to be developed into a research assistance section.)


SART - Sinaiticus.net



PureBibleForum - vBulletin:

PureBibleForum - Research Central- (this thread):

PureBibleForum - Main Headquarters

PureBibleForum - Sinaiticus - Information relating to the Dec, 2015 Videos by David Daniels
(WIP) - Expansion into posts on many aspects of the Sinaiticus puzzle.

Although vBulletin is designed as a discussion forum, and that is surely appropriate here, at this time it is used more as a research placement nexus, with most discussion on Facebook.

And I also get involved in other forums (the Sinaiticus forum resources post will point to some of those), but there is no one that I can heartily recommend at the moment. (ie. Christian friendly, permanent (not purged), well-moderated, not hostile to TR and AV positions, readable format, doctrinally diverse, and with a major issue in the pure Bible issues such as the Reformation Bible compared to the modern versions.)

Some of the Sinaiticus material was placed on an unusual forum: Biblical Criticism & History Forum - Christian Texts and History - a little while back. Generally I do not recommend that forum, it was used for placement where I knew some of the posters could contribute constructively, and we would not get sidetracked in ways common to Christian forums (e.g. changing the topic to King-James-Only debates.)


Facebook Discussion Groups:

PureBible - https://www.facebook.com/groups/purebible/

Sinaiticus - https://www.facebook.com/groups/sinaiticus/
The top post is directly the new news on the youtube videos on Sinaiticus.

Heavenly Witnesses - (planned soon, see threads in PureBible)

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Facebook contact: Steven Avery https://www.facebook.com/steven.avery.7568

Steven Avery
Dutchess County, NY

Email Contact: purebible@gmail.com

Paltalk rooms: I have some history there, dormant the last year, and a room may be set up to allow a bit of special discussion.


Thanks for your interest!

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