Pierre Sabatier and the Antiqua Version of Tobit

Steven Avery

Bibliorum Sacrorum latinae versiones antiguae : seu, Vetus italica, et caeterae quaecunque in codicibus mss. & antiquorum libris reperiri potuerunt : quae cum Vulgata latina, & cum textu graeco comparantur ... Operâ & studio ... Petri Sabatier


p. 706 to 743


De hac nostra obiter agit doctissimus e nostris R. P. D. Augustinus Calmet. Dissertatione praevia in hunc librum; nec dissimulbo paulo inclementius de illa, ac potissimum de textu Graeco, ex quo proxime derivata est, ab ipso esse judicatum

By the way, the most learned of ours, R. P. D. Augustinus Calmet, deals with this matter. A preliminary dissertation to this book; nor will I dissemble that it was judged by him to be a little crueler about it, and especially about the Greek text from which it was most closely derived


Page 706

Jam vera ft qu.eras quid fentien.ium ft de hac Verfione antiqua quam exhibemus , idipfum fau'e quod erudtti cmnes cr Litterarum ftcrarum .imatores fentiunt de I erf one Italicx : quamvis enim non is fuerim qui earn Vulgata nafira anteponendam effe cre- dideritn , tamen aucloritatem fixm illi <y- pondus non decffe perfu.ifum mihi eft , fcut ^ alits omnibus Interpretationibus Latinis , de quibus Auguftinus dijjerit I. 2. de do[tr. chnft. quarum niimerofitatcm ad affequendum Scripture fenfim , multum juvare conten- deb.tt S. Docior , modo t.imen prxferretur ilia , quji ^ nitore q- accurationc csteris an- tecelleret. De h.tc nojlra obiter agit docJijfimus e noflris R. P. D. Auguftinus Lalmit, Differtatione prsvia in hunc librum ; nee dijfimulabo paulo inclementius de ilia , ac po- tijpm.fm de textu Graco, ex quo proxime derivata eft, ab ipfo efe judicatum : fed his fu- perfedendum ejfe credimus , ne cum tanto viro, imbelles nos ac timidi , manutn confrere velle videamur ; legenda potiits ejus DiJJertatio pag. 1^6. ad quam remittimus. 1ft ud tamen ohfervare juvat, fcilicet ex quatuor Aif. codicibus mcmoratis unum tantum, quod equidem fciam , nempe Sangermanenfem num. 15. doHilftKum Abb.itim non l.ituijfe. Porro Mf. ifte codex, licet in multis concordct cum Regie q- altera Safgirm. num. 4. tamen ab utroque difcrepare videtur in pluribus , ut nee eundem compar.tndum ejfe ere-
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Steven Avery

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Steven Avery

Boston Review
Prominent among the laborers in this Field arc Sabatier and
Blunchini. The great work of the former was published at
Home in 1743, in three splendid volumes folio. Its one aim
was to establish the point in question. The other was issued at
Rome in 1749, in four volumes of the largest folio. But the
labor was vain for the end sought, though these two vast works
furnish much aid in correcting and using the manuscripts of the
first ages.

Church Quarterly Review
https://books.google.com/books?id=ty0EAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA332 %20sabatier%22&f=false
The Vulgate gradually superseded the Antiqua Versio, or
Itala, which seems to have been much nearer to the Greek in
the text of the Apocryphal Books. In the older Latin
psalters the 151st Psalm, ‘ Pusillus eram,’ is placed before the
appendix of creeds and canticles with which they conclude.
As the newer Psalter of the Vulgate came into use, this psalm
seems to have passed out of notice, and hence it is not in-
cluded in the Mediaeval Commentaries on the Psalter, which
embrace the Te Deum, Quicunque Vult, and other canticles.
According to Sabatier, the books which underwent the
least change were those of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus. Of
these he gives one version, described as * Versio Antiqua, qua?
et Vulgata nostra,’ on the ground that the Vulgate in these
books corresponds with the quotations in Cyprian, Ambrose,
Augustine, &c. Of Baruch he gives two versions : (1) ‘Versio
Antiqua quae et Vulgata nostra ;* (2) ‘ alia versio vetus.’ An
introduction, taken in part from Jer. li., is prefixed to the
latter. The Vulgate in Maccabees is also said to possess the
same claim of antiquity with the ‘ alia versio vetus.’ But the
version of Tobit, Judith, and of the addition to Esther, is
peculiar to the Vulgata Nova. In the ‘ Versio Antiqua ’ the
dream of Mordecai is prefixed to Esther I., but the rest of
the addition is omitted.

Theological Review
Vetus Itala

There never was a systematic old Latin translation of the entire
Bible. What did survive in manuscripts and the liturgy was
collected and edited with extraordinary care by Pierre Sabatier
(1682-1742), who began to prepare them in parallel columns with
the Vulgate texts (and in the case of the psalms with both the
Vulgate and Jerome's last translation) in the last years of his
life. He did not live to see even the first volume of his
massive edition off the press, and the opus was completed by
Vincent de la Rue (d. 1782), and published as _Bibliorum Sacrorum
Latinae Versiones Antiquae seu Vetus Italica ..._ 3 vols. Reims:
R. Florentain, 1743-49. It has been reprinted in Tourhout by
Brepols in 1981 with several reissues later.

Steven Avery

It was already recognised that the Old Latin text published by Sabatier7 must reflect a separate Greek Vorlage, and the new manuscript confirmed that; not ...