Peter Gurry Byzantine challenge based on Klaus Wachtel - fully answered by John Tors

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Peter Gurry
"The most serious work on the Byzantine text’s development has been done by Klaus Wachtel, .... the most detailed and substantiated view of the Byzantine text’s origin on offer. And it is now cited as such in both the major introductions to the field (Metzger-Ehrman’s, and Parker’s). "

Yet it seems to be fully refuted, by the paper referenced by Rowe above.

Is the Byzantine Text the Result of “A Long Process Of Development and Standardization?" (2018)
John Tors

" Gurry seems quite enthused about Wachtel’s model, saying .. Byzantine prioritists (of whatever stripe) need to address Wachtel’s arguments not Westcott and Hort’s. "

".... according to Wachtel’s model, the Byzantine text “has its headwaters in pre-Byzantine times … it underwent a long process of development and standardization … and [it] ended up in a largely uniform text characterized by readings attested by the majority of all Greek manuscripts from the 13th – 15th centuries”. How does Wachtel’s data show that? The answer is that it does not. "

If John Tors is right, then the Critical Text defenders need to go back to the drawing board for another try. Or start changing their texts.

btw, The 92.4% figure for Alexandrinus in the Gospels was surprisingly high.
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