Nikolaos Sotiropoulos defends verse authenticity including grammar from Eugenius Bulgaris

Steven Avery

Nikolaos Sotiropoulos (1934-2014)

Timeline of Orthodoxy in Greece
Nikolaos Sotiropoulos was born on 15 April 1934 in Palaiopirgos, in the Nafpaktia region of Greece. He received his degrees from the University of Athens as a Professor of Theology and Professor of Literature, with honors. He became the student and spiritual son of Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes (1907-2010), the Bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Florina, Prespai, and Eordaia in northern Greece, and a defender of traditional Orthodoxy both in Greece and abroad. Sotiropoulos published many volumes, including Interpretation of the New Testament (ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ ΚΑΙΝΗΣ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗΣ), and Interpretation of the Acts of the Apostles (ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΠΡΑΞΕΩΝ ΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΩΝ), as well as many others. He was a founder and director of the Orthodox missionary brotherhood "The Cross" ("O Stavros") for many years (which assumed the form of a brotherhood in 1966). He also went on speaking tours to address Hellenic communities throughout Europe, America, Canada and Australia. He was excommunicated for the rest of his life by the Holy Synod of Constantinople in July 1993, for openly criticizing Archbishop Stylianos (Harkianakis) of Australia in 1988, and for his "divisive" behaviour.[101][102] He died on 28 August 2014 in Patras. He was unmarried and did not have any direct descendants. His funeral was held on 29 August 2014, at the Monastery of the Entrance of the Virgin Mary, in the village of Myrtia in Aetolia-Acarnania, in the presence of the Bishops of Aetolia and Acarnania (Kosmas Papachristou), Piraeus (Seraphim Mentzenopoulos), Gortynos (Ieremias Foundas), and others.
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Steven Avery


Nick came across a paper from

Nikolaos Sotiropoulos

Also here with a nice blurb
"Johannine Comma". Nikolaos Sotiropoulos
Published on May 9, 2020
Johannine Comma on - 12 pages, with downloadΙωάννειο_κόμμα_Νικόλαος_Σωτηρόπουλος
"Johannine Comma"
Study, Work of Nikolaos I. Sotiropoulos excellent theologian - Philologist. Through this study, the regularity of verses 7-8 of the 5th chapter, of the first letter of the apostle and evangelist John, is proved with a multitude of facts. From his work "Interpretation of difficult passages of the Bible" volume C, pp. 527-538. "In heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. And three are the witnesses on earth
Nikolaos Sotiropoulos

Looks like he totally accepted the grammatical argument, we are hoping to get a strong Greek to English translation ... plus he mentions a few other important 'internal' arguments.

George Panayiotou
Dear Steven, greetings! Thanks a lot for Nikolaos Sotiropoulos' pages that strongly support the authenticity and genuineness of the "comma Johanneum" (Ιωάννειον κόμμα). I have read more than half of those pages and have been greatly impressed by his views!

And a sermon on the Johannine section
Ύδωρ - αίμα - Πνεύμα - ζωή αποδεικνύουν. (Α´ Ιωάν. 5:5-12),
Νικόλαος Σωτηρόπουλος (Ομιλία 349)

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