markings in the outer margins - "rebinding" of the manuscript - late feature per Brigette Mondrain

Steven Avery

Scribal Habits of Codex Sinaiticus
Dirk Jongkind

"A feature of Sinaiticus which has escaped notice so far is set of markings in the outer margins of both pages of many of the central openings of the quires.. these markings can only have served the binders of the manuscript. However, given the heavy hue of the ink it is unlikely that the markings come from the original scriptorium. It is more likely that they belong to the rebinding of the manuscript, possibly connected with the so-called C correctors who worked sometime between the fifth and eight centuries" 11 p. 32 (squiggles on CSP site)

11 Brigitte Mondrain mentions two examples of codices in which the centre of a quire is marked ... Her examples date from the fourteenth and fifteenth century.