John 1:18 - overview

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John 1:18 - overview

John 1:18 - only begotten Son - resources and discussion

John 1:18 - Ehrman and Wallace ultra-modern competitive confusions


John 1:18 - the CARM studies - the monogenes studies - (oops, lost in CARM crash)
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Steven Avery

Scholars find a reading in their text, and they use it. Did they actually explain what a begotten God would mean in terms of their Christology? We know the Arians did, and were quite happy, as are the JW today.

Those who used only begotten Son, include:


Tertullian (0210)
Hippolytus (0220)
Third Synod of Antioch (c. 259 to Paul of Samostaa)
Archelaus (0270)
Alexander of Alexandria (0313)
Eustathius - (0320)
Eusebius - 6 times (0330) - possibly both see Letis
Hilary of Poitiers (Latin) (0350)
Ps-Athanaius - contra Sabellius
Emporer Julian (0362)
Victorinus of Afer (0360) (Latin)
Phoebadius of Agen (0370) (Latin)
Ambrose of Milan (0370) (Latin)
Faustinus (0378) (Latin)
Gregory Nazianzen (0380)
Jerome (0380)
Idacius Clarus (Contra Varimadum) (0385-Latin-3x)
Rufinus Cyrus (Latin)
Augustine of Hippo (0396) (3x)
Adimantus the Manichaean (0396-Latin)
Chrysostom (0398) (8x)
Nonnus of Panopolis (0400)
Theodore of Mopsuestia (0407)
Maximinus the Arian Bishop (0428-Latin-2x)
Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus (4x) (0440)
Proclus of Constantinople (0440)
Andreas - Bishop of Crete
John of Damascus (0740)

And about eight more Greek
More Latin

both Son and God

Irenaeus (0180) - Burgon says 4 Son and 2 God - shows Valentinians
Clement of Alexandria (0210)
Origen (0240)
Athanasius (0350)
Basil of Caesarea (0370)
Gregory Nyssa (0380)
Cyril of Alexandria - (0430)


Valentinians & Gnostics (from Irenaeus, see Burgon)
Arius (0320)
Exerpta Theodoti (Doctrina Orientalis) -- followers of Valentinus
Basil of Caesarea (0370)
Auxentius of Milan (0370)
Apostolic Constitutions (0375)
Epiphanius (0385)
Didymus the Blind of Alexandria (0390)


Synod of Aneyra - Arian (0375)


Letis contras in the Ecclesiastical Text
(Irenaeus, Clement, Origen, Eusebius, Serapion, Basil, etc.)

Serapion was formerly thought to be Titus of Bostra.

Add from Snapp - Diatessaron and more
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