Johannes Maxentius

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Joannes Maxentius, or John Maxentius, was the Byzantine leader of the so-called Scythian monks, a christological minority.

He appears in history at Constantinople in 519 and 520. The Scythian monks adapted the formula: "One of the Trinity suffered in the flesh" to exclude Nestorianism and Monophysitism, and they sought to have the works of Faustus of Riez condemned as being tainted with Pelagianism. On both these points they met with opposition. John Maxentius presented an appeal to the papal legates then at Constantinople.[1]

Theological works (1873)
William Beveridge


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Johannes Maxentius (Responsio contra Acephalos 5).

Johannes, Maxentius, ca. 520: Responsio contra Acephalos [Latin]

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Reception, Interpretation and Doctrine in the Sixth Century:
John Maxentius and the Scythian Monks
Matthew Joseph Pereira


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