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Earlier, Rick Norris gave a totally false claim from Glenn Conjurske, and showed his own ignorance by defending the claim.

Glenn Conjurske asserted: “There is no evidence that the Old Latin read filius in 1 John 5:7, nor any solid evidence that the Old Latin contained 1 John 5:7 at all, though [Frederick] Nolan can give us a few seems, and mights, and might have beens” (Olde Paths, April, 1994, p. 93).

This is Rick's common blunder of using a quote that is simply factually wrong.

The statement by Glenn Conjurske (1947-2001) is totally absurd, and is an example of your posting nonsensical error. There are early Old Latin mss. that directly have the heavenly witnesses, along with citations like those of Cyprian. You show that you do not care about real scholarship by including false statements. Maybe Glenn wrote that early, when the information was less easily available.

There is actually a huge amount of Old Latin evidence, from manuscripts like the Freisinger Fragment and the Leon Palimpsest, to Cyprian and the hundreds of bishops at the Council of Carthage and dozens of additional quotes, like De Trinitate and Priscillian and the Expositio Fidei. Also the Vulgate Prologue of Jerome is referencing earlier Old Latin manuscripts. Even after the common hand-waving of the contras, you have about two dozen solid quotes of the full verse from Old Latin sources.

While Glenn Conjurske may have been writing in ignorance, (there was a lot of misinformation before the book by Michael Maynard was published), Rick Norris has no excuse for this blunder.

However, in my experience so far Rick has a perfect record of never accepting factual corrections.

Steven Avery

Glenn actually did some reasonable writing on the verse, although the material should be used cautiously.


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