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The Creator's Name

There are a number of points that could use a special short, clear page, off of Facebook, each one independently, and then connected.
As well as the best Facebook link to the exposition of each point.

Allow me to do some J and Y equivalent mixing, I simply look upon this as a dialect issue.
The first point matches the recent picture put together by Daniel's wife.


Yehovah is spot-on to Hebrew linguistics

"Yahweh" is a syllable-vowel kludge. This is only a theoretical creation, not an actual name or word.
And you will find no other words in the Bible that match this awkward combination of vowels.

Yehovah - Yahweh Vowels.jpg

The Creator's Name
Daniel Ben Ya'acov Ysrael (graph by his wife!)

Yehoshua - Yeshua - Joshua - are Hebrew forms that are == (equivalents) to Jesus

Yahshua and Yahushua are not Hebrew names and were comically created by know-nothing USA 1930s sacred namers.
Simply to match the modern yahweh error!

Yeshua proper Hebrew names.jpg

There is no way that Yehovah and Yahweh can coexist as alternate pronunciations of the tetragram.

If one is true, the other is an abject corruption to be discarded.

And there is no direct connection between the hypothetical Yahweh and the tetragram,

Yahweh is a pagan == to Jupiter .

IOVE-pater == Jupiter == father Yahweh
This is based on the simple and clear sound equivalence, IOVE=Yahweh. A spirit is invoked by calling upon its name.
(Not the complexities of the morass of etymological analysis.)

The tetragram represents the Creator as the three tenses of existence:
three tenses.jpg
Sami Uusi-Luomalahti‎
This is just what Nehemia Gordon explained about the Name.

Diane N Richard Buckalew

Tenses 2.jpg

The two alternate vowel pointing traditions similarly support Yehovah and, as with the Masoretic pointing, give zero support to Yahweh.

Babylonian pointing.jpg

The Creator's Name
Dawn Erickson Irion
Babylonian and Palestinian pointings
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Fundamentals - continued.

2nd group - five pics per post limit

Masoretic Text mss. give strong support to Yehovah being the tetragram pronunciation, with the three vowels sheva, cholam, kamatz. Over 1,500 mss have been specifically examined.

The manuscripts are shown in the recent studies of the last five years, with diligent research led by Nehemia Gordon. The consistent understanding of the vowels is that the name is Yehovah. And the name was in most manuscripts masked, yet the scribes would slip in a small number of cases and include the full three vowels.

There is a pervasive pseudo-scholarly myth that Christians created the name Jehovah/Iehovah/Yehovah. This is fully refuted by the :
theophoric names,
Hebrew Bible manuscripts and
Hebrew/rabbinical writings and commentaries.

There is a pervasive pseudo-scholarly myth that Hebrew was not a living language at the time of the pointings that we see in the early Masoretic manuscripts. This is fully refuted by the :

history given from the scholars of that time, including how they went to the marketplace in Tiberias for some tweak-assistance in the sounds of some words the rich Hebraic religious usages.

There is a theory that we see the vowels of Adonai in the Masoretic text manuscripts, in order to guide the reader to speak Adonai. No such vowel placement was necessary, since the Adonai tradition goes back to much earlier times. And this theory has great difficulty since two of the three vowels do not match. And if there was a desire to mask the name, there would be no need to change the first vowel, since the word is not to be pronounced. A gibberish-style word that does not match Hebrew grammar norms would be more helpful.

And it should be noted that even if this was at times an element of the vowels chosen, it does not really have any effect on all the points in this summary, and the theory of the cholam dropping from Yehovah is much more sensible.

Vowels of Adonai.jpg

The theophoric names and the Hebrew mss (above) support Yehovah. Dozens of theophoric names can easily be read in your Bibles, Hebrew, English and other languages and seen in graph-pics. They all support and point to Yehovah.

theophoric-names-psa26-12 Chris Clark.jpg

Hebrew Theophoric Names and The Name of God
Chris W. Clark

In addition, the next point seals the issue.

Hebraic/rabbinical writings fully support the fact that the knowledge of the pronunciation was never lost. This includes the incredible evidence of Nehemia's 15+ rabbis and the Masoretes checking with the Hebrews in the marketplace.

All scholarship that ignores or handwaves these writings is simply stale and dated. All scholarship that is based on the theory of the name as lost should be discarded.

The idea of moving vowels around to mask an unknown name is in fact a logistic absurdity.
How can you mask a name you do not know?

Impossible Hybrid Form.jpg

As to the V or W sound, ancient poems rhyming vav with soft bet support vav. The vast majority of Jewish communities pronounced the letter as vav except for the ones most influenced by Arabic. The Bible itself sometimes spells a couple words with a vav and sometimes with a soft bet.

Psalm 68:4 (AV)Sing unto God, sing praises to his name:
extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name Jah,
and rejoice before him.

Jah is the poetic, abbreviated form of the Creator's name
(see additional information from Shadal brought forth from Nehemia Gordon)

Yah from Yehovah - Cherise.jpg

In addition, there is poetry that directly supports Yehovah, and does not work with Yahweh.

The best scholarship from the 1400s to the 1800s (David Paul Drach) strongly supported Jehovah. Including the pure Bibles of the Reformation era.

Only the darkness and unbelief of the German liberal criticisms led to the modern Yahweh movement. Gesenius even used the supposed relationship of "Yahweh" (in German, pronunciation depends on your German dialect) and Jupiter as a point of argument for the Yahweh form. (Tregelles ripped this to shreds.)

In recent years, once again, the best scholarship is supporting Yehovah.
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References used - Additional resources

There are likely a few more, but I want to get started.
Latin info and Yahweh-Pater is in other posts.

Your additions and thoughts welcome.


Main Sources for Graph-Pics:

Facebook Group
The Creator's Name

Seeking Truth - Chris W. Clark

Dawn Erickson Irion


For an example of up-to-date scholarship:

Facebook discussion
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