evidences not available to Erasmus - or not used properly

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Steven Avery said:
Notes on Erasmus and the heavenly witnesses.
1) Very curious is the omission of Cyprian in the Erasmus studies of the heavenly witnesses.
2) The Council of Carthage with 400+ orthodox affirming the verse from John was not yet published.
3) Erasmus did a little dance to try to get around the solecism.
4) Old Latin sources including the Freisinger Fragment and the Speculum were not yet discovered. These match up with the Tertullian and Cyprian references.
What are your sources for all the above.
What point do you need sources for?

This is all easily available information.

#1 - Erasmus actually produced a Cyprian edition with the Unity of the Church reference.
I cover that and Ad Jubaianum on PBF.

#2 - The Council of Carthage is published 1541.

Here is the Richard Simon footnote by W. R. Andrew Hunwick showing the edition.

Richard Simon Critical History of the Text of the New Testament: wherein is Established the Truth of the Acts on which the Christian Religion is Based (2013)

18 Victor “Vitensis” (bishop of Vita [Tunisia], late 5th c.), Historia persecutionum, quas in Aphricci olim circa D. Augustini tempora ... [composed ca. 485] in Jean Quintin, et al., eds., Opus historiarum nostro seculo conuenicntissimum, in quo multa circa urbes, arces, and insulis habentur [Basel: Westhemer, 1541] [BnF RES-G-2126], 371-483,437. Also PL 58:227 where text appears in Historia Persecutions Africae Provinciae hook 3 ch. 11.

1541 edition

Opus historiarum nostro seculo conuenicntissimum, in quo multa (1541)
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#3 is in the Annotationes, "torquebit grammaticos"

#4 is simply the 1800s history of the two manuscripts

Steven Avery

. And a dozen and more full verse uses, including Contra Varimadum, Expositio Fidei Catholicae, Priscillian, De Trinitate and Symboli Apostolici et Athanasii Enarratio. Then we add the Speculum from c. AD 400 and Jerome writing of the verse in his Vulgate Prologue!

Cyprian (x2)
Potamius of Lisbon
Confessio fidei Catholicae
Symboli Apostolici et Athanasii Enarratio
De Trinitate (about 4 refs)
Contra Varimadum
Phoebadius of Agen
Vulgate Prologue of Jerome
Freisinger Fragment
Council of Carthage of AD 484,
Codex Fuldensis (Vulgate Prologue)
Isidore of Seville
Etheiius and Beatus
Leon Palimpsest
Corbie 13174 (shows Speculum text transmitted as Augustine)
Regensburg ms (explains Augustine not using verse)
Codex Cavensis