ETC and Tyndale

Steven Avery


For those who like scholarship references, there is, rather new:

Pavlos D Vasileiadis
Nehemia Gordon

“Transmission of the Tetragrammaton in Judeo-Greek and Christian Sources” («Η Μεταβίβαση του Τετραγράμματου στις Ιουδαιο-Ελληνικές και Χριστιανικές Πηγές»), Cahiers Accademia: Revue de la Société Marsile Ficin, Vol. 18 (2021), pp. 85–126.

In less formal circles, Nehemia tends to emphasize:

Masoretic Text manuscripts
Theophoric names
Hebraic (Rabbinical) references.

And he has spoken on the yahweh-jupiter connection.

Steven Avery