conspiracy issues involving the Jesuits, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus

Steven Avery

The Evidence of Manuscript Forgery - PDF
James Johnson (added: this was Bill Cooper)

"It just seems to me to be utterly incredible that Tischendorf is allowed to see Vaticanus for the first time since it was reacquired by the Vatican and then a few months later stumbles upon the papers at Sinai which ultimately lead him to another one of a kind codex with many shared features with Vaticanus "


More from Stephan Huller

"Apparently Kirsopp Lake argued for authenticity but discovered some interesting (and unexplained) properties associated with the ink:"

"My only observation is that if there was ever a need for some sort of forensic testing of a document - this is it. Yes, Simonides confessed to the 'forgery' (if it was one) but only after being exposed as forger. The association between Tisch and Simonides is particularly compelling. Much more compelling than other forgery arguments "
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