Bible Believers and Manuscript Manipulators

Steven Avery


Note though that textcrits of the Modern Scientific Critical Text school are by nature often NOT Bible BELIEVERS.
They will prefer a solecism (thank you for the acknowledgment Hefin) because it fits the common abuse of the "harder reading" (lectio difficilior) scribal theory.
A good example is their preferred ultra-minority Greek text of 1 Timothy 3:16. Again, it is defended because it is a solecism. Hymn theory is awkwardly, even absurdly applied since the reading makes no sense.
Thus, they can have a text that is theoretically "original", by their postulates, the later scribes spruced it up, and the original can have solecisms, contradictions, errors. (Herod's daughter being one of dozens of clear examples.)
Nobody who believes the original text is full of blunders, errors, contradictions, solecisms can really be a Bible Believer, they are more a Manuscript Manipulator.