BCHF - Chester Beatty VI Papyrus - Joshua nomina sacra

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Andrew Criddle
The specific point I was making is that the Septuagint papyrus Chester Beatty VI uses nomina sacra when writing the name of the OT figure Joshua.

Jax (Lane)
Thank you Andrew for this. According to this then a early 2nd century Christian text CBBP VI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chester_Beatty_Papyri uses the abbreviated form IC for Joshua. So now we can at least say that by this point IC is being associated with at least Joshua.


Ireland and the Reception of the Bible: Social and Cultural Perspectives (2018)

https://www.google.co.uk/books/edit...v=1&bsq=chester beatty vi joshua nomina sacra
p. 269


Steven Avery



Page 11 of the book - this is pretty exciting!

The only other contraction used is IHC for IHCOUC (Joshua).
The name is written out in full only on the outside of the front cover.
A long superlineal line over the final letter of a line is used for N (1/13, 10/10, 14/20, 22/15, 66/4). Frequent use has been made of blank spaces to indicate new sections. They may be over half a line in length to less than an inch. The initial letter of a new section is at times spaced out slightly into the margin. The blanks usually but not invariably corre spond to the present division of the text into chapters and verses.

Please do note that the MS is in Coptic. There is a full superlinear covering the NS
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