Babylonian Pointed and Hybrid Tiberian-Palestinian Pointed manuscripts support Yehovah

Steven Avery

A point shared from Nehemia Gordon:
Review of the Hebrew evidences where wide-ranging manuscripts and commentaries support Yehovah.


The Babylonian Pointed and the (so-called) Hybrid Tiberian-Palestinian Pointed manuscripts are separate lines of evidence from the Aleppo. These were independent scribal traditions preserving separate dialects of Hebrew from that in the Aleppo Codex. In addition, there are two manuscripts identified in the catalogue of the National Library of Israel as manuscripts of the Ben-Naphtali school (the great rival of Ben-Asher!).

We have the vowels "Yehovah" in:

Ben-Asher type manuscripts from both Karaites and Rabbanites
Ben-Naphtali manuscripts
Babylonian Pointed Manuscripts
"Hybrid Tiberian-Palestinian" Manuscripts
Rabbinical sources
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