applying Jehovah in a triune sense

Steven Avery

As I find these applications I will place them here.

While I see this as mistaken, it is good to know who goes this way.

The Triune Affinity of Jehovah Vindicated, and the Distinct Persons in the Godhead Evinced, in Answer to Three Discourses Preached by M. Sibly on Who is the Lord? Together with an Invincible Demonstration of What is the Right Object of Worship? Supported by Scripture. Addressed to the People of Wolverhampton. [Signed: “Earnestus.”]
Monoah Sibly (1795)

The Earthen Vessel and Christian Record & Review, Volume 24 (1868)
William Stokes of Manchester
As the Sabellian scheme implies a total rejection of the vital doctrine of a Triune Jehovah, and thus undermines the entire superstructure of the Christian faith, it will be perfectly proper to give the views of some distinguished divines on this important point. None have expressed themselves with more clearness and precision than has our own Dr. Gill in his unrivalled body of divinity. He says,


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