If the 1859 St. Petersburg manuscript is artifically coloured, can it still be ancient and authentic ?

Steven Avery

This is a good question, raised by a top scholar, in proper consideration of some of the Sinaiticus history.

And the answer gets to the heart of the competitive origin accounts of Simonides and Tischendorf, including the accusations of colouring that were made public in 1862. Also significant is the fact that the first section was not coloured.

Most scholars have not asked this fine question because they can not even consider any elements of non-authenticity of Sinaiticus. :) "Deeply entrenched scholarship" being one factor.

Why stain what you think to be the treasure of a lifetime, the oldest and best manuscript in history?
It's like the guy who got a gold medal, and was so excited that he went out and had it bronzed!

David W. Daniels - Sinaiticus Authenticity Researcher
In this thread we to plan to explore this question.

decoloration - and does colouring of ms prove non-ancient text and ms?

elationship between the competitive accounts of SImonides and Tischendorf and the colouring " Of course we have thought of this before, but most of the "scholars" will not allow the possibility of the colouring. JV probably does not yet know the full story 1844 vs. 1859.