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I know that some of my views are not always approved of by other believers, but I struggle with my faith just like the rest of the many Christians I have met.

I was introduced to the "inspiration" view of the Bible early, when I wandered into a British-Israel bookroom in England. There I was given a pamphlet entitled, "The Divine Original".

I had never been exposed to the controversy over bible versions before that, and I think God led me there because I was seeking, and distressed over all those disconcerting footnotes in the modern version I had been reading ("Good News for Modern Man"). I didn't know what was actually wrong, but I was acutely aware that some passages in that book did not have the 'ring of truth' they should have, and this was most often due to some kind of editing going on between the text and the footnotes/margin.

In addition, I felt the footnotes directly undermining my faith and trust in the word of God. When I was exposed to writings from people who had a different, better faith in God's word, it was a priceless gift. It inspired me to get deep into the issues of bible translation and textual criticism. I have never looked back.

Often people, groups, denominations and cults have got me caught up in this or that doctrine or controversy, but in each case, God has provided key information from the most unlikely sources, and helped to steer me through the dangerous journey.

Some may find my friendliness and lack of fear regarding "cults" etc. disturbing, but I have found that God still reigns, and most people are sincere truth-seekers regardless of their denomination or "cult".

I am still a truth-seeker myself, and try to emulate the "Bereans", continuing to check the facts.