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The Gothic translation of the Arian Missionary Ulfilas​

Ulfilas was an adherent of the Arian Creed who created an alphabet and writing system for the Gothic language based upon the Greek. He was active in the Arian controversy, and served as missionary to the Goths. The reading for 1 Timothy 3:16 comes from Codex Ambrosianus A:

jah unsahtaba mikils ist gagudeins runa [saei] gabairhtiþs warþ in leika, garaihts gadomiþs warþ in ahmin, ataugids warþ þaim aggilum, merids warþ in þiudom, galaubiþs warþ in fairhvau, andnumans warþ in wulþau.

Despite being cited for ὃς, the reading of the actual manuscript is "altogether obliterated."​

The reading saei (which I have enclosed in brackets above) is the masculine relative and answers to the Greek ὃς. However, H.F. Massmann left a note in his edition that the reading is "altogether obliterated" (see Burgon, Revision Revised, p. 453. Citing Massmann, 1857, p. 657). Burgon notes that the reading has at one time or another been cited for "God," then "which," then "who" (see p. 452, footnote 4). We can therefore conclude that regarding the Gothic as a witness for ὃς relies on little more than an editorial decision in a printed edition.

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