"But you have no problem with rejecting similar (and earlier) evidence for the Comma Johanneum."

The constant contra refrain.
And one of the dumbest textual comments possible.

In addition to the powerful Old Latin and Vulgate Latin ms. evidences, and Greek ECW uses, we have, to start:

Cyprian quotes from the heavenly witnesses, c. 250 AD

Jerome tells us that it was being dropped from the text.

400+ orthodox Christians specifically affirm the Johannine text to the Arians under Hunneric at the Council of Carthage in 484 AD.

the text without the heavenly witnesses is a bald solecism

various additional grammatical, internal and stylistic evidences affirm the heavenly witnesses

the scriptural formulation became a part of creedal formulation
Where do the analogy verses have anything like these evidences?



To be fair, the specific conversation here was a gentleman defending Acts 8:37 and not defending the heavenly witnesses. An unusual hybrid.

So I will add here quotes that use specifically compare the heavenly witnesses to low-Greek ms. rejection.