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  1. Default Notes on Simonides publication lists

    Sister thread

    lists of Simonides library and document sources around the wor
    Afawk, there are three major lists of Simonides publications.

    I'll have to check if there is any list in the 1859 bio.
    Also the Gennadius library list might be helpful for cross-referencing.

    Also helpful would be any indication if the item exists today, and
    special notes about the item, and if there is suspicion that it never existed.

    1) Periplus of Hennon 1864
    Constantine Simonides - 42 items

    Name:  Periplus of Hennon.jpg
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    2) 1889 Greek Encyclopedia
    Lexikon historias kai geogrphias bialambanon perilēpsin tēs historias, physikēn kai politikēn chōrographian, tous bious tōn meglaōn andrōn, tous mythous kai tas paradoseis pantōn tōn ethnōn apo tōn archaiotatōn chronòn mechri tou nyn
    p. 582-583 43 items

    Name:  Greek Ency.jpg
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    2) It seems that this is known as Voutyras 1889
    Written about in Russian and Italian, editions needed?
    We can cross-ref to the section of PBF about Luciano Canfora and Igor P. Medvedev (1999)
    We can especially see if it hints at Simonides after 1864 and the Russian experiences reported through Tregelles.

    Rukopisnoe nasledie russkich vizantinistov v archivach
    Sankt Peterburga
    Igor Medvedev

    Pure Bible Forum

    the Russians hire Simonides to prepare historical documents after the 1867 fake obituary
    Aretemidorous and later years

    Anna MykoniatiBiographische Bemerkungen zu Konstantinos Simonides*

    13 The list of publications in Voutyras 1889 was written by Simonides himself.
    It is to be found as an appendix to the books which he published in London in 1864 and 1865. Between 1842 and 1865, 45 publications are mentioned. Some are nowadays considered as missing, others were perhaps press articles, which were probably in their own right as tracts.
    4) Anna Mykoniati in paper in 2017 book

    Die getäuschte Wissenschaft: Ein Genie betrügt Europa (2017)

    Especially interesting from the list of books are:
    (we can search the Greek names later)

    6. "Circumstances of Lycians and Caricatures". In Smyrna, in 1843.

    This would likely be the same publisher as the Epistle of Barnabas.
    14. "A catalog of the Library of Mount Sinai, and of Saint Savva [Mar Saba Monastery between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea] and of King Paul [?]." In Constantinople in 1850.

    Simonides mentioned this catalog in the publication controversies, but did not indicate that it was published. The fact that he knew there was no ancient catalog was remarkable. It is possible that he feigned having published these catalogs as an extra support. If it exists today, or is mentioned by a third party, it would be an amazing evidence.
    21. "Student [studious/study-related] Memorandum concerning the Eighteen apographs (copies) of the Apostolic Father Hermas". In Moscow in 1853.

    This would be important in establishing the relationship between the Simonides Hermas and his earlier Hermas in Sinaiticus. And the "coincidencees" with Hermas (noted by Farrer) and Barnabas are remarkable. However, here we have the same caution as above, Simonides might have been enhancing the background.
    36. "Letter concerning a Thesis of Hieroglyphics". In London, 1860.

    There is material about the hieroglyphics in the Mayer papyri and in the Periplus of Hennon. Is there a direct publication?


    MISSING? - at least in Anna's list this seems to belong:

    Shepherd of Hermas
    1st edition was published in 1855 in Leipzig by Anger & Dindorf

    And possibly the later edition.

    (1859) Ante-Nicene Fathers
    "the missing Greek conclusion, published by Simoindes and republished by Draeseke"
    The Ante-Nicene Fathers
    When and where was this published by Simonides? And does it exist today in either or both forms?
    And what about Uranios itself? The only listing is:

    32. "Concerning the authenticity of Uranius’First Dissertation, in German". In Moscow in 1856.
    Then we expound a bit more on:

    The Mayer papyri book (Anna has Mauer(?) Codex) has the title:

    1861, English, Book, Illustrated edition:
    Fac-similes of certain portions of the Gospel of St. Matthew, and of the Epistles of Ss. James & Jude : written on papyrus in the first century, and preserved in the Egyptian museum of Joseph Mayer ... Liverpool. With a portrait of St. Matthew, from a fresco painting at Mount Athos. Edited and illustrated with notes and historical and literary prolegomena, containing confirmatory fac-similes of the same portions of Holy Scripture from papyri and parchment mss. in the monasteries of Mount Athos, of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai, of St. Sabba in Palestine, and other sources. / By Constanine Simonides.

    The url is to the picture of Matthew. The pictures of this nature are discussed in the discussion of ms. 2427 Archaic Mark.

    Luciano Canfora discussion of the Artemidorus Papyri should be checked, too.

    This is planned to cross-ref with that page about the pics on the PBF.

    Note that the latest remains 1864, even though Simonides is reported in St. Petersburg working in the Russian historical archives later in the 1860s and lived till 1890.


    12 The genuine or fake manuscripts sold by Simonides in Europe are not cataloged. There are those in
    the National Library (Athens),
    the British Library (London),
    the Bodleian Library (Oxford),
    the Austrian National Library (Vienna)
    in the Bibliotheque de Chatres (France),
    the City Museum (Liverpool) and seemingly also in other collections.
    Gennadius (Gennadeion) in Athens has a fine collection referenced in the Pasquale Massimo Pinto writings.
    University of Thessalonika supplied the very critical Epistle of Barnabas

    In Germany, Leipzig University might especially help with the Hermas editions, and they have the Codex Friderico-Augustanus. THe Sinaiticus fragments in St. Petersburg and Sinai are also very important.

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  2. Default Nicholaos, Bishiop of Methone on the Holy Spirit

    The Theology of the Divine Essence and Energies in George-Gennadios Scholarios (Draft before final corrections)
    Christian Kappes

    Scholarios == (Joseph Methonis)
    "originally by Nicholas Methonis" - Lilia - she conflates this 1859 with an 1857 Monaco? edition

    Footnote 87 - the 1819 date is probably 1859

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Footnote 87.jpg 
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    διαφόρων συνερανθείσα παρὰ τοῦ ἀειµηήστου διδασκάλου ΝικοδÎ*µου Ἁγιορείτου ᾑ παρ´αὐτοῦ προσετÎ*θησαν , by George-Gennadios Scholarios, London: Konstantinos Simonides, 1819."

    The 1819 likely needs correction.

    Footnote 89 .
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Archbishop of Thessaloniki, Palamas, the Holy Father of Gregory,
    Τοῦ ἐν ἁγίοις πατρὸς ἡµῶν Γρηγορίου αρχιεπισκόπΠυ Î˜ÎµÏƒÏƒÎ±Î»Î¿Î½Î¯Îºá¿†Ï , τοῦ Î*αλαµᾶ, Ὁµιλία περὶ πίστεως ἔκθεσις (London: Konstantinos Simonides, 1859).

  3. Default the 1859 Charles Stewart biography

    Here is the basic list from the 1859 Stewart.

    The early discussion includes the Jonas controversies, some about Hermas, and a lot about Uranius.


    In addtion to the works already mentioned in these pages, Simonides has also published the following:—

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    Name:  Stewart @2.jpg
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  4. Default Gennadius Library

    Constantinos Simonidis in the Gennadius Library (2011)
    Pasquale Massimo Pinto

    Many items are here.
    Name:  Other Libraries.jpg
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    4. Other collections of considerable extent are in the

    British Library (London), the
    Bodleian Library (Oxford), and the
    libraries of Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.).

    In Greece, books by Simonidis are kept in the

    University Library of Crete (4 items), the
    University Library of Thessaloniki (5 items), the
    Korais Library of Chios (I item), the
    Korgialenios Library of Cephalonia (I item), and the
    Municipal Center for Historical Research and Documentation of Volos (I item).

    In Athens, a few copies of Simonidis' works can also be found in the

    National Library, the
    University Library, the
    Library of Parliament, the
    Library of the Academy of Athens, the
    Library of the Benaki Museum, and the
    Library of the German Archaeological Institute.

    A census of the extant copies all over the world is currently being carried out.

  5. Default Stauros Voutyras - 1889 encyclopedia biography of Simonides

    Stauros Voutyras - 1889 encyclopedia biography of Simonides - in Greek

    Stauros (Stavros) I. Voutyras 1841-1923

    Lexikon historias kai geogrphias bialambanon perilepsin tes historias - p. 580-583

    Above is the list of publications
    Lilia uses this for many references.

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