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Thread: Palaeographic Puzzles and the Tischendorf Plug-in-the-Date Game

  1. Default Dionysius

    Dionysius - for now just the pics. The text is in the thread on Facebook on the OP.

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    Name:  Dionysius #1 - Tischendorf Facsimile through Scrivener.jpg
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  2. Default oddball - check Facebook threads for which page


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  3. Default non-invasive ink analysis

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Avery View Post
    PBF - also on:
    comparing acid-wear of 1845 ink with theorized 600 AD ink

    We mentioned above in post #6 the question of acid-wear and ink strength:

    Codex Friderico Augustanus 1845 ink next to theorized 600 AD ink

    One other point is very important.

    The inks can be analyzed by non-invasive methods.

    And inks have various chemical fingerprints. Not only might they be similar inks, they might have virtually identical fingerprints. One or all might indicate production after a particular date, like 1750. The results can be very much a clincher to Sinaiticus non-authenticity. e.g. If the 1845 ink is a close "match" and "hit" to the 600 AD or 350 AD conjectured ink. Or if the 600 AD ink was actually produced after 1750.

    Facebook - Palaeography 114144919237&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R8% 22%7D


    Above, emphasizing the lack of acid-wear and the supple parchment and the incredible ink, I left out one of the most fascinating aspects, potentially, of this Leipzig Sinaiticus page.

    Ink analysis -- and it can be non-invasive, non-destructive.!!!

    What are the differences in ink chemical composition?
    And ink fingerprints?
    Between the three sections above.

    (Other pages can be recommended, but this page has the incredible help of an 1845 ink for direct comparison. Offhand, I do not know of any certain 1845-1860 ink at the British Library.)

    The library conceptually would have no problem with non-destructive testing (multispectral, laser, atomic, whatever is state of the art. Granted, a microscopic flake would be nice, but for that it is easy for the library to say "no mas."
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  4. Default ink corrosion turns out to be erasure spot

    The CSP shows a picture where the ink is apparently eating through the page.

    From a palaeorgraphic analysis, that could be significant as showing the great age.

    The problem, the spot was actually an erasure!

    flaking ink - does it expose white parchment colouring over ink?

  5. Default ink acid does not eat through the parchment

    "ink...release of acid ... as in other ancient manuscripts, eaten through the parchment, leaving a stencil of many letters"
    David C. Parker discussing ancient manuscripts

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  6. Default india ink

    Sinaiticus will be here

    "india ink" used to obliterate?


    As an aside here is an unusual Alexandrinus, there are more:

    Name:  ^4D73EB30F4E632185346D748DAC44E2520F8ACF21775044DD5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg
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  7. Default Arabic writing

    Go to special pages.

  8. Default washed pages


  9. Default medieval corrector E - 1 Timothy 3:16

    'medieval' corrector E - 1 Timothy 3:16

    In one book Tischendorf actually pegged this mini-correction as 12th century, I think it is the 1862 book.

    Vorvorte zur Sinaitischen Bibelhandschrift zu St. Petersburg, unter den auspicien seiner Kaiserlichen Maiesta¨t Alexander II. dem denkel entzorgen, nach Europa u¨berbracht, zer hebung und verherrlichung Christlicher wissenschaft
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  10. Default medieval corrector D - Hermas accents

    #20 - 'medieval' corrector D - Hermas accents

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