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Thread: Sinaiticus authenticity - where to discuss the issues, also basic research and study spots

  1. Default Sinaiticus authenticity - where to discuss the issues, also basic research and study spots

    Sinaiticus authenticity - discussion, research, study, analysis resources

    This is to direct you to discussions on all sides of the issues.
    The one-stop traffic cop.


    three fun-damental spots:

    Codex Sinaiticus Authenticity Research

    PureBibleForum -
    Forum: Sinaiticus - authentic antiquity or modern?
    the white parchment, the medieval Hermas and Barnabas, anomalies galore, Simonides puzzles "you are here"
    PBF - resources *****
    many threads over a few years
    , with urls and light description, updated Feb, 2016.

    Is the "World's Oldest Bible" a Fake?
    - David W. Daniels


    Videos - Youtubes:

    David W. Daniels - Youtubes (15-20 minutes each)
    SART Page with Videos
    Must See
    Who Darkened Sinaiticus
    Coloring the Truth
    The Sinaiticus Smoking Gun?

    BBC - Beauty of Books The Codex Sinaiticus: The Oldest Surviving Christian New Testament
    watch the amazing "phenomenally good condition" of the "world's oldest" Bible


    Facebook - most active discussion



    e.g. in the more neutral type of environment, we have forums which have had some solid discussions, like:

    Facebook - New Testament Scholarship Worldwide

    Facebook - Eureka! Medieval Manuscripts on the Web

    On Yahoogroups (need index to specific posts .. or search, e.g. "Simonides" ):



    Web forums:


    Bible Criticism & History Forum - as of 4/28/2018



    While others have kaboshed discussion, or basically only allowed the contra harumphs, like:

    Facebook - New Testament Textual Criticism
    Jan, 2017 harumph thread, when colouring of ms. is pointed out and questioned !

    And the:
    Evangelical Textual Criticism blog
    which is essentially ruled by some Brit scholars that are simply too close to the British Library action to step back and smell the herb tea.


    Plan to be added to this traffic cop page:

    current discussions
    Snapp authenticity defense and Steven Avery response.
    review of good auxiliary studies - Bryan Ross on Youtube
    new paper as summary of PBF expositions

    review of books that have problems - Bill Cooper and David Sorenson
    ostrich, head-in-sand forums (add more to above)
    contras (BVDB)



    Facebook pingback to this thread:

    PureBible -
    Sinaiticus -


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