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    papyri warning - localized Egyptian mss and gnostic influence - Kurt Aland

    material from here was placed with
    Hort and Aland warn about gnostic influence on Alexandrian Bible text activity


    Lose-Lose Argumentation (plan to be moved to its own thread)

    Recently we had a quote .. from Brooke Westcott ..

    Pure Bible - Facebook - March 25, 2014

    that effectively destroys the popular "lose..lose" argumentation technique used by Metzger and the Parrots in textual discussion. (Whichever way the evidence falls, the argument can be flip-flopped to match the evidence, one type of special pleading.)

    "Lose-lose argumentation" is one of the favorite tricks of the critical text charlatans. James Snapp recently gave an example, from a writer discussing internal stylistic features in the Mark ending. ... (continues)


    This post on the same thread is about:

    Category Rigging.
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