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Thread: twofold signification of the three crosses note

  1. Default twofold signification of the three crosses note

    The Christian remembrancer - Volume 45 1863
    Imperial Edition of the Codex Sinaiticus

    "But although I possess many proofs of the spuriousness of the manuscript, I shall keep silent on these for the present. First, because I intend to write a special work on the subject, and secondly, because the Codex will prove this itself when published, and the portion already published partly shows this, and if you understood the twofold signification of the note which exists at the end of the fourth column of the eighth page of the pseudo-Frederico-Augustine Codex, you would repent of what both you and your patrons have stirred up against me inconsiderately.' -

    Simonides, Jan 21, 1863, letter to the Guardian
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