This is an adjunct to the white parchment discussion, which is where the quotes about the conditions of the two mss are located.

1846 - CFA - "
Leipzig by Köhler. The technique of copying was a kind of photo-lithographie developed by J.J. Uckermann" - BCHF forum poster

1860 - non-CFA part - Notitia Codicis Bibliorum Sinaïtici - facsimile edition

1862 - Bibliorum codex sinaiticus petropolitanus - transcription .. facsimile edition

Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus et Frederico-Augustanus Lipsiensis - Kirsopp Lake (1922)

"photographic facsimile ... not in colour ... sometimes rather gray in tone" Codex Sinaiticus, The Story of the World's Oldest Book, David Parker, p. 4
2009 - CSP - accurate colouring

2010 -
Codex Sinaiticus, Facsimile Edition."sensitive adjustments" - colouring is smoothed to match