Hermas - decay of the Greek prepositions

Steven Avery

Codex Bezae: A Study of the So-called Western Text of the New Testament (1891)
James Rendel Harris

3. Decay of the Oreek prepositions.
There are a few residual forms in the Greek which need a
word or two of explanation. We must expect an occasional streak
of Latin influence; indeed this has already been alluded to. Such
cases are Xe7rp<o<To<i, <fiXaye\\coo-a<; etc. Probably to the same
influence is due the exchange of the x sound for s in ovcwXi??,
which we find in Mark ix. 48. The typical change of this kind is
senes for senex; which is one of Dr Hamann’s test cases for Italian
forms. It is doubtful whether the geographical limits can be
so sharply drawn.


It will be said that these are accidents; I think not; we find
similar traces of linguistic change elsewhere; for instance, the text
of Hermas in the Codex Sinaiticus is not free from them.

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