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    What does it mean, "God blessed for ever"?

    Since there has been confusion spilling over into many threads of this topic, I'm posting this to clarify the meaning of "God blessed for ever" in Romans 9:5. It is a simple fact that a translation should match the meaning of the text it is translated from, and that rules in one language should...
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    Gothic Translation

    The Gothic translation of the Arian Missionary Ulfilas Ulfilas was an adherent of the Arian Creed who created an alphabet and writing system for the Gothic language based upon the Greek. He was active in the Arian controversy, and served as missionary to the Goths. The reading for 1 Timothy 3:16...
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    Latin Writers - Quod, Qui, Deus

    This post will be updated as new information is found There is currently no extent document prior to the 4th century that contains a clear witness for this passage in Latin. Latin Writers, quod, "Which" Hilary of Poitiers (c. 300-368) Rufinus of Aquileia (c. 345-411) Augustine of Hippo (c...
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    Greek Writers, Θεὸς, "God" (List and references)

    Additions and corrections will be made directly to this post. Some of the references are to the locations in the Greek Allusions (Θεὸς, "God") Ignatius (35-108) - Epistle to the Ephesians, 19.3 and Epistle to the Magnesians, 8.2 Barnabas (70-131) - Barnabas, 12.10 Mathetes (140) - Epistle to...
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    1 Timothy 3:16 - Manuscript Evidence

    This thread will be for the listing of manuscript evidence for 1 Timothy 3:16 as well as general information on the important details surrounding the reading in the manuscripts themselves. This first post merely deals with the listing of the evidence with some general notes and will be updated...