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Thread: vBulletin is a bit unsocial - how to have edifying contacts

  1. Default vBulletin is a bit unsocial - how to have edifying contacts

    All this applies whatever your interests,

    Sinaiticus authenticity research
    heavenly witnesses defense
    pure Bible studies
    King James Bible
    Jehovah vs. the pagan (ugh) yahweh
    Homestead Heritage and Christian community
    and 100 other interests.


    First, feel free to try posting on this forum.
    We may be able to set up Facebook sign-ons.

    We are now experimenting with:
    guest anonymous posts, no joining needed,
    they will be moderated.
    (Just to avoid the spam problem.)
    Try it first on this thread. I'll make sure I catch it quickly, using some special notification methods.
    If you are a member, you can log out and test it.

    ADDED: signon needed, too many nonsense posts if Guests can post.
    Thanks for the couple of you who did put in sincere posts, that were moderated.


    There is one central Facebook forum, my timeline and Messenger are totally available.
    urls coming


    Properly handled, this does allow for a good degree of warmth.


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  2. Default contacting the forum admin


    Good ‘ol email is best for some.


    if you put
    “purebibleforum” in the subject line, or “PBF” I’ll catch it with a special filter.
    This should work with any email you have for me.


    Facebook - stevenavery.7568
    PureBible group
    Homestead Heritage Contacts group


    Next - Skype - mbesteven


    Now, telephone.

    Talkatone - (you can call from a regular USA phone)
    An introductory text is preferred.
    five 2 zero four 4 two 33 two two

    Then I will send you my cell phone to the ear, if it seems it rings better.


    your feedback is most welcome

    Some have visited in Dutchess County, NY and I have met some of you in multiple states and countries.

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