George Melvyn Ella, who wrote a biography of John Gill, wrote some interesting material.
(I did have a telephone call with him about a decade back.)

British Reformed Journal
Correspondence: Those Hebrew Vowel Points Again
BJR Issue 21 (January - March 1998)
George Ella
p. 33-17

BRJ Issue 23 (July - September 199X)
Michael Kimmitt p. 48
Correspondence: Response lo George Ella on the Hebrew vowels
JeHoVaH. YaHWeH. and the Lord-.Tesus. By Dr, Nigel Lee
A study in the history of doctrine anent God’s name JHVH

"Yet indeed, as the famous modem Old-Testamentician Dr. George Ella has pointed out, Jerome complained he could not read the vowel-signs of the Hebrew Older Testament at night by candlelight. Consequently, reading and writing in the daytime ....

Ella. George M. John Gill and the Cause of Goti and Truth. Duriiam. England: Go Publications. 1995.