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Hilgenfeld and the German date debate of the 1860s


This comes out from one of the two "Crazy Tischendorf" books of 1863. These books, never translated, support the idea that he was involved in an active con. However, there are alternatives, like a grand delusion, close to insanity. They show that when it came to Sinaiticus, he was incapable of scholarship dialog.

Here Tischendorf was responding to an anonymous Lutheran critic. Using Google on German is not easy, so we are hoping to get some translation assistance.

Weapons of Darkness - Waffen der Finsternis - English

Waffen der Finsterniss wider die Sinaibibel, (1863) 30pg -
"The Weapons of Darkness against the Sinai-Bible,"
This excerpt is at p. 17

"Now the speaker comes to the Codex itself. Here I must first of all point out that he assumes the strange appearance that most observations are his own, while he literally recruits my Prolegomena. After all, he was able to see only a few leaves of the original for a few minutes under glass with his own eyes "without any personal relationships with me."

For now I am only using Google books for the German and Google translate. We hope to get much more of the German.

Nun kommt der Referent zum Codex selbst. Hierbei muß ich zunächst darauf aufmerksam machen, daß er den seltsamen Schein annimmt als seien die meisten Beobachtungen seine eigene Sache, während er doch wörtlich meine Prolegomena zu ercerpiren pflegt. Hat er doch auch „ohne persönliche Beziehungen zu mir "
perhaps excerpiren, excerpts rather than ercerpiren, recruits -- is this the "plagiarism" reference later?