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the British Library allowed only four scholars to inspect the Codex Sinaiticus leaves in 25 years!!


Albertina Wo sich die älteste Bibel der Welt befindet - October 28, 2016
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About the 43 leaves, 86 pages of Sinaiticus in the Leipzig University Library:

The oldest Bible in the world is kept in Leipzig like a treasure. It is so valuable that nobody can see the parchment leaves. And touch? - certainly not.

"Our task is to preserve them in such a way that they will be preserved even in 10,000 years", explains the director of the Leipzig University Library to the disappointed visitors, who came specially from Baden-Württemberg because of the manuscript. ... director Ulrich Johannes Schneider remains calm but unyielding. A copy of the script, a very valuable facsimile, must finally reach the bible fans.

Ulrich Johannes Schneider with the facsimile of the Codex Sinaiticus.

Ulrich Johannes Schneider's workplace is located in the magnificent Bibliotheca Albertina.
Photo: Stedtler

125 years in the new house
The Bibliotheca Albertina is the central institution of the Leipzig University Library. The imposing Neo-Renaissance building celebrated its 125th anniversary last week. The Bibliotheca Albertina, as one of the oldest German libraries, dates back to the 15th century.

The codex is scattered in four places around the world: in Leipzig, London, St. Petersburg and the monastery. But in one place he is reunited: on the Internet. In a worldwide unique edition project, all pages of the book have been meticulously examined, translated and virtually put together.

In this way, the Codex Sinaiticus is accessible to everyone ."That's the future.We can not reverse the fragmentation of such texts, "says Schneider.