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Thread: the non-symmetry of time chronology in palaeographic dating

  1. Default the non-symmetry of time chronology in palaeographic dating


    This is touched on here and there, but needs its own thread, and possibly a dedicated article.

    This thread will collate the various information about the time chronology non-symmetry of palaeographic dating that is based on script and textual feature evidences.

    On top of that it will highlight some of the related comments that have shown the problems in circular reasoning in palaeography. William M. Schniedewind is one example.

    Specifically applied to Sinaiticus (and Vaticanus) by P. C. Sense, Michaelis and others.


    2) The ** time chronology non-symmetry** of much historical and palaegoraphical dating (understood by Michaelis and others) comes to play. A very critical part of a deficiency of much modern papyrus and uncial dating and authenticity discussions.

    And I have some discussion of this facet here, and welcome suggestions and improvements and enhancements (either publicly or privately):

    PureBibleForum (used research blog-style)
    four types of evidence that help determine age and authenticity of a manuscript
    see the - "Note on Time Element Non-Symmetry"

    Palaeographic Postscript

    Reading the handwriting scripts is not a time-symmetrical enterprise. The earliest date, the terminus post quem is can be quite accurate. Nobody in 1700 was able to emulate a 1900s handwriting. Thus the 1900s handwriting can tell you that the letter was written no earlier than .. 1900. The terminus ante quem is another story. A good calligrapher can beat up any time limitation proposal. A skilled person in modern times can actually write just like 1611, even the printing of 1611! Or 350 AD. As for the related fields like codicology, Sinaiticus comes out with anomalies galore with the modern theory.

    Bernard Janin Sage (P. C. Sense) questions great uncial dating edifice

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    The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating: Archaeology, Text and Science
    edited by Thomas Levy, Thomas Higham
    24 - Problems in the Paleographic Dating of Inscriptions p. 404-421
    William M. Schniedewind

    William M Schniedewind went even further in the abstract to his 2005 paper "Problems of Paleographic Dating of Inscriptions" and stated that

    "The so-called science of paleography often relies on circular reasoning because there is insufficient data to draw precise conclusion about dating. Scholars also tend to oversimplify diachronic development, assuming models of simplicity rather than complexity".[111]
    Youtube emphasized Vienna Dioscorides, V, VI, VII, VIII and X all might have some info.
    Pure Bible

    Planets of the Apocalypse | For the Time is at Hand (Part V)

    It is from an lds (mormon) with a wild agenda, Part V at 6:50 has an interesting section about Morozov, (1 minute long, a good watch and listen) and chain of custody is emphasized.

    Part VI
    4:10 Brent Nongbri on palaegraphy dating
    William M. Schniedewind
    7:30 - Dioscorides of Vienna 472 -

    Part VII - more on the Dioscorides


    Did he have an independent source (beyond our research and translation) for the Morozov discussion (see PureBibleForum.) Possibly, the quotes look different.

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