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The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Fri 29 Dec 1933 Page 10 CODEX SINAITICUS


On View at Museum.
LONDON, Dec. 27. 1933

The Codex Sinalticus, within a red and gold
enamelled box, wrapped in cotton wool and
brown paper, arrived at the British Museum
this morning.

Dr. Bell, Keeper of Manuscripts, spent two
hours testing its authenticity
, after which it
was installed in the entrance hall, where a
queue speedily formed. About 3500 people
inspected the manuscript, 80 per cent, of them
placing a contribution, sometimes a Treasury
note, in the box alongside.

Visitors generally were amazed at the won-
derful state of its preservation and the clear-
ness of the script.

Yes, it is amazing when a 100-year old manuscript is passed off as over 1500 years!

And, wow, imrpessive. The Brits invested two whole hours in authenticity testing by one gentleman!