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    Rabbi Jacob Bachrach's original autograph manuscript of his book Ishtadalut Im Shadal where he declares unequivocally that God's holy name is correctly pronounced Yehovah:

    "...the vowels Sheva Cholam Kamatz [=Yehovah] are not the vowels of the title Adonai, but they specifically belong to the Unique Name alone. There is not a single vowel here that comes from, or remains from, a reference to the title Adonai, [or even hints at it]. With these vowels, the priests in the Temple used to call on the Unique and Explicit Name the way it is written..."
    Ishtadalut Im Shadal, 1890, Jewish Theological Seminary, Manuscript 2883, Page 178, Section 134 [Page 127, Section 136 in the 1896 printed edition]

    Learn more in "Ten Rabbis Speak Out on the Name" at:

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    - “The way the Name is written, with its letters and vowels Sheva Cholam Kamats, are eternal, for if there were a Temple standing today…even now the Kohanim would be calling on it the way it is written, with its letters and these vowels, and so too the High Priest ten times on Yom Kippur”.

    BIBLICAL TRUTH? WHAT IS WRITTEN - NOT WHAT IS SAID. - Shabbat Night Live – 9/29/17

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