Gesenius page showing how he actually used the Jupiter connection in favor of the pagan yahveh, placed on Pinterest by Nehemiah Gordon

"To give my own opinion, I suppose this word to be one of the most remote antiquity, perhaps of the same origin as Jovis, Jupiter, and transferred from the Egyptians to the Hebrews." Gesenius' Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon Old Testament Scriptures, translated by Tregelles, 1857, page 337. The words in brackets are the commentary of the translator.
[What an idea! God himself revealed this as his own name; the Israelites could never have received it from the Egyptians]...- Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, translator and commentary
The Gesenius conjectural blunder opens up the Egyptian and Latin paganism theories for "Yahweh". It also is part of showing that Gesenius had little substance in his argumentation.