Lets start with what was put into the PureBible forum recently.

PureBible on Facebook

Most of you write coherently, we had some sharp discussions, that are in your archives, years back.

Some of you realize, I believe, that, at the very least, the Sinaiticus non-authenticity evidences deserve careful study.

Bill Brown makes me look good when he posts on forums like the unofficial SBL. He is known for “liar”, “imbecile”: and vulgarisms that should not be written or repeated. And some logic struggles. However, I don’t care about looking good, I just would like the issues to be studied, iron sharpeneth.

Rather than your forum being only the anti-Avery forum, why not try something constructive.

Why not take issues (like the Porter-Elliott list).and discuss them with me, just without the potty mouth stuff from Bill. Your forum would be okay, but you have me censored there. That is your right, forum mods make the rules. You could set up a special board.

My forums are open. www.purebibleforum.com or one of these Facebook forums ... but the Facebook forums, without an external connection, are mediocre on readability.

Or make your own suggestion. Look at BCHF, Bible Criticism and History Forum, as a success story where there have been solid Sinaiticus discussions.

Grow up a bit. Let us reason together.