This would go well with the discussion of Tischendorf's bumbling Greek

From Stanley Porter, p. 51

Constantine Tischendorf: The Life and Work of a 19th Century Bible Hunter (2014)
Stanley E. Porter

... in 1960 when the receipt from Tischendorf was found in St Catherine’s and Ihor Sevcenko published “New Documents on Constantine Tischendorf and the Codex Sinaiticus,Scriptorium 18 (1964): 55-80, in which he cites the 1960 receipt and a letter from 1859 by the monks expressing their dissatisfaction, as well as a favourable critical opinion of the abilities of Tischendorf (John H.P. Reumann, The Romance of Bible Scripts and Scholars: Chapters in the History of Bible Transmission and Translation [Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-I fall, 1965), 156). Such a history of charges and counter-charges entered"
Perhaps he means unfavourable. Which would be an interesting read

And I have not found the spot in Sevcenko (maybe it is in Greek?)

The Romance of Bible Scripts and Scholars
John H.P. Reumann

The Reumann book is $7 online or library available and the page is p. 156