"the colour ... wholly different from that invariably found on genuine documents of the same professed age and character"
This applies 100% to the Leipzig white parchment manuscript section. And, in addition, to the supple yet stained London pages, which do not look like any manuscript that was aged and yellowed by oxidation and centuries of use.

Yet the textual critics do not even want to look at this evidence, and the palaeographic experts are busy elsewhere. There is a presumption of Sinaiticus antiquity, and all comments and analysis are filtered through the presumption, what one gentleman called "deeply entrenched scholarship". (An exception would be the group that tests manuscripts in Berlin, BAM, as their whole purpose is to give objective determinations. However, their planned tests were cancelled.).

Oh, where is the quote from?

The rejection of the Mayer papyri of Simonides!

The British Quarterly Review (1863)
The Sinaitic Codex
Did Simonides Write the Sinaitic MS?